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I’m a Mumbai girl (actually, South Bombay girl since Mumbai didn’t exist for the most part of my life), and now I have a very energetic 3 year old daughter who has made me into a Mom-Bai (mother-maid) who tries to find the humor in the madness that is Mommydom. On most days, I feel like a Mom-Bhai (mommy-gangsta’) because that’s what I need to be to deal with the little rogue that lives with us who I affectionately call BabyA.

My workaholic husband is Nandy, and we probably waited too long to have a baby (9 years!) so when it happened, we should have been prepared for it- but we weren’t. 3 years into it, we still aren’t! Nandy is an (admittedly) low-energy individual, and BabyA is a live-wire– we call her “Toofanmail” because she’s nothing less than a storm that has blown over our lives…and continues to rage (*Touchwood*). But now silence seems empty, and peace is over-rated. We have become parents, and so we only find solace in the chaos that is BabyA!

And that’s exactly why I started writing again…

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A humorous blog written by a Mom-Bai from Mumbai